Namibia | 2019
Namibia is a country that I can sum up to be one of the most beautiful places on earth that I have ever seen. The mesmerizing colors, endless and colorful landscapes, vast and enchanting plains, amazing animals, impressive sand dunes and the kindest people… it was almost too much to comprehend. I gained such a clear image of Namibia, and it made me feel so lucky and so insignificant at the same time. It left a lasting impression. After a stopover in Angola I arrived in Windhoek, traveling to Swakopmund and back to Windhoek in a giant circle of disbelieve. In two weeks I captured the enchanting plains of Namibia, visiting the locals and national parks like Etosha and Sossusvlei. It became a true game of kill your darlings because I ended up with over 4000 amazing pictures (and that’s after I’ve been deleting pictures during the trip).

Namibia became independent from South Africa in 1990, and was also previously colonized by the Dutch and the Germans. All of these influences where still very much visible, mainly in the languages that are spoken. It was very strange to be able to talk Dutch with some people.